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Suction Systems

  • Approved Design Ltd now design and install bespoke vacuum systems for labour free transportation of fat and waste products away from the production area and into the disposal or processing areas. These highly efficient systems reduce manning levels and increase clear floor space.
  • Vacuum systems can be installed to transport various food and waste products including fat, SRM, cattle heads, sheep heads, feet, pelts, bones, etc.
  • The automated vacuum transportation systems will sequentially cycle valves to allow collection of product from numerous receptacles, governed by time or events, and will discharge product at user-defined intervals.
  • Receptacles can be manufactured for mounting on operator platforms, attached to tables, free standing or floor-mounted trays.
  • Cyclones are fabricated to suit the particular product and application, and the supporting framework or trailer gantries are individually designed to suit the installation location.
  • Pump, filter and manifold support frames are individually designed to suit the customer's installation location.
  • The control systems can be adapted to allow communication via modem, ethernet, or a number of other industrial control networks.


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